myGeoPlatform Pricing

Costs and options

The myGeoAdventure platform includes the myGeoBuilder and myGeoAdventure components. As a myGeobuilder, we provide you with all the tools required to build, store and release your digital adventure to be played on the myGeoAdventure player app. You can create any number of adventures with as many geolocated waypoints as you want, apply challenges, extra collectable items applying images, text and voice to make your adventure complete. The myGeoAdventure mobile app will list all released adventures available to be played made each made for public use or restricted by you (the builder) to your nominated group. The cost of the download is set by you the builder and is either free, 1, 2 or 5 ($,£, Euros). You can just enjoy myGeoAdventures with your community or you can make money on the adventures you offer.

Builder Platform Package (Annual Cost)
myGeoBuilder (£/$) 85 per annum
Your priced adventures 75% to you, 25% fee
Play Cost
myGeoAdventure App Free
myGeoAdventures Typically free but can vary

There is no cost for the myGeoAdventure app or the myGeoBuilder app available in the app stores.

The adventure purchase is handled when you select and download the adventure on your mobile.

Create your first myGeoAdventures

Try the platform and create your first adventures, free trial for 30 days. Simply sign up and we you will get full unlimited access for 30 days.  Download the myGeoBuilder and myGeoAdventure from the app store. Simply register on the myGeoBuilder application to start your free trial, select the button or register from the myGeoBuilder app which you can download from the app stores.

Pricing example

Select the Subscription package and create 5 adventures (charged at 1 euro/£) during the month with a download average of 100 each.

Income from downloads: 500 (Euro/£)

Monthly subscription cost: 15 £/Euro

Download charge (25%): 125 £/Euro

Amount to you the myGeoBuilder: 360 £/Euro