Building a myGeoAdventure

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Your myGeoAdventure

myGeoAdventures are trails set by anyone anywhere across the globe where when playing the myGeoadventure will be directed to follow a journey using the mobile phone app through a series of geo-located points on a map. Each waypoint you will have the opportunity to score points by taking on challenges and to find out about the area with information provided in the text, image or video. Knowledge can be added into the app at each point of interest on nature, geology or history. The myGeoAdventure can be enjoyed for exploration, family fun or educational journeys around an area walking, cycling or by car. There is no limitation to the number of adventure or aspects to which they can be applied to, for example, a tourism approach run by local tourist boards.

myGeoAdventure - playing the adventure

The myGeoAdventure mobile app will list the adventures available created by myGeoBuilders anywhere in the world. You can develop adventures for your family and friends, your school, tourists in your favourite city or anyone interested in the area.

To play the myGeoAdventure, you download the myGeoAdventure which is then available to start when you are.

The map tiles are copied as part of the adventure to let you play the adventure using GPS and without the need for mobile data or wifi requirement. Look for the myGeo waypoints for each clue finding the extra collectibles items on the way, collect points and take on the challenges.

Information about the area with points of interest will be available using the knowledge of the local myGeoBuilder to make your myGeo experience exceptional.

myGeobuilder on the web

On the website you can edit an adventure you created using the myGeoBuilder mobile app or shape the experience from the start creating it anywhere in the world without actually being there.

If you know the area, you can create a fun adventure placing GeoMarkers as waypoints on the map adding interesting points of interests and challenges to inform the MyGeo adventurer or to collect points to gamify your trail.

Once completed you can choose to keep it private, offer it to groups you set up or make it public.

Making it available for download it is your choice to charge for the myGeoAdventure users to download where you receive the money into your myGeoWallet.

Your own myGeo results site

The result of the myGeoAdventure is automatically available on your myGeoWebsite where all the adventure you played will be collected and displayed with scores and the adventure report letting you compare against other is a gamified adventure or for information as a memory reminder.

You can create a collage of the adventure which provides you with a poster styled display summarising elements you saw and found on the adventure.

Print it or share on your social space.

Latest Adventures

Enjoy the adventures created by GEOBuilders across the world. Adventures can be downloaded on your mobile GEO App.