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myGEO Platform

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The myGEO adventure platform provides you with all the elements to enable you to build your adventure and to release for download. To access the platform sign up for a myGeoBuilder account and get a free trial license to create your adventures (no credit card required). There is no limit to the number of adventures you can create.

To play the myGeoAdventure and not already a Builder (a builder is automatically a player as well) register as a player and get access to the adventure mobile app and your results website. A list of all adventures will be available in the app.

myGeo results website lets you see your adventures with the routes, points of interests, images and photos taken, scores and times all uploaded with the option of printing your adventure wall chart.

Builder website to create or finalise all the adventure information.
Results site from the player synchronised after playing the app
myGeo builder app enabling you to create the adventure while walking around and then synchronising with the myGeo web site. GeoBuilder on Apple and Android stores.
myGeoAdventure app used to download and play your adventure GEOAdventure app on Apple and Android stores.