What's it all about?

The GEOAdventure platform has been created to let anyone enjoy and experience the outdoors letting you design and create fun journeys, Create the adventures and challenge with others where ever you are.  Anyone anywhere can create a GEO trails for others to download and play.  You can charge for a download and generate income or share your adventures for anyone to download.
John Campbell
GEOAdventure is the concept and passion of the founder John Campbell who lives in Scotland, enjoying the outdoors in one of the most exciting and stunning countries for outdoor fun.
"We are looking for anyone to take part and enjoy the GEOAdventures. Help us continue to expand the concept together to make the geo adventures fun and encouraging everyone experience the wonders of the outdoors.  We are planning many extensions to the adventure to add to the experience playing your adventure on your mobile. Let me know what you would like to see added." (John Campbell)

How can I get involved?

You can get involved by simply downloading the apps (the GEOBuilder App and GEOAdventure App) and registering for an account and start creating adventure. If you do not want to create them simply play by downloading the GEOAdventure App and search for adventures near you. If there are no adventures then why not create some.

Get Started

Download the mobile apps and have a go.....